About me

My professionalism and something else

Twenty-five years of hotel management, ten years as hotel trainer and in the public school, together with a great passion for the ‘Mediterranean Diet’ are all ingredients which have given birth to ‘Mediterranea Consulab’. Mediterranean Hospitality can be identified with the hotel business efficiency because of its sustainable applications.

Nowadays  I’m  a temporary manager at Sonders and Beach Italy srl.  I work on ‘making better numbers’ by pursuing the Global Goals for Sustainable Development with ‘good practices‘. Good practices enhance the business and the destination durability .

I feature a long experience in managing resorts in Southern Italy and complete my portfolio in a four-star hotel in Piedmont.

As a tourism marketing teacher in Calabria, I have been a trainer for post-diploma courses and vivid disseminator of the ‘Mediterranean Diet’ in business missions abroad. I share an Italian blog with the journalist Maddalena Brunasti, concerning the interpretation of the Mediterranean Values, here

I’m constantly engaged in improving my knowledge of tools making tourism a durable business. I have  acquired the certification from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and of Project Management for Sustainable Development (JLag)

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