The Good, the Beautiful, the Welldone

What details a tourist, nowadays?
 Creativity: guests wants to interact with local people
 Conservation: guests commit not to destroy or leave footprints in the places they visit. In some cases tourists also contribute economically to the prevention of places.
‘“Sustainability as a model for development establishes the need to satisfy the requirements of today’s society without making it impossible for future generations to satisfy their own.” The development of a country cannot be achieved by the unrestrained exploitation of its resources-natural, cultural, social-to the point of eradicating or destroying them. Moreover, it is paramount to the livelihoods of local communities to fulfill their needs of the present population with food, housing, health and work.
For tourism, sustainability is not only a response to the demand factors of the industry; it is now an indispensable condition to be able to compete successfully and survive into the future. Today’s tourists are seeking a more interactive tourism, one that garners greater respect for the socio-cultural and ecological interests of the local communities, demands higher standards of service, and wholly takes into consideration the preservation of the natural environment and local customs. More and more hotels today are being created to meet the demands of these “conservation tourists” and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability throughout their organization. (CAYUGA HOTELS –Experience & Sustainability – Updated Sustainability Concept & Work Plan for the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Lodges 2017)
The HAPPY PLANET INDEX (HPI) ( has measured what ‘happiness’ is and which are its components

All indicators of the HPI have a lot to do with the System of Mediterranean Values, which deeply affect market performances. Take a look to the ‘levers’


MEDITERRANEA CONSULAB moves six levers: :
1 – CULTURE – Creation and conservation of the ‘sense of place’
2 – RESOURCE MANAGEMENT – natural environment conservation and biodiversity support.
3 – WORK and SOCIAL IMPACT – social and mental health, physical wellness
4 – INCLUSION – through hospitality and gastronomy
5 – RECIPROCITY- Development of opportunities for local businesses and local communities
6 – EFFECTIVENESS – Take action locally to build the hospitality business

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