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Your business potential is still unexpressed?

You have vacancies in hotel or empty seats at the restaurant?

Do you want to better communicate your ‘good, beautiful and welldone’ of your work?

Do you understand you need help to delegate, nevertheless you cannot afford more staff?

In few words, do you manage a happy business?

The answer often relies in the adoption of a correct working method, in order to get solution without spending a fortune . How? We have two solutions: BIZCHECK and THE XENIA METHOD


  • Training your staff to share and pursue the management goals in an independent way

  • Systemizing your job, helping to delegate, in order to use your energy for the business growth and less for everyday duties.


  • Aquiring ‘good and simple practices’ of environmental, social and economic sustainability which help to maximize profits through a correct communication.

Example: the kitchen of your restaurant is not performing well: too much food waste, small capacity of recycling and of conserving meals. A management method is lacking. The restaurant risks closure for not having updated its HACCP protocol.

MEDITERRANEA CONSULAB intervenes on operational activities, with experienced consultants, which can supply the correct method to respond to HACCP prescriptions and to new issues in terms of food sustainability.


  • How to optimize the kitchen management
    How to monitor efficiency in terms of sustainability

WHY a correct METHOD is strictly connected with sustainable management?

Because hotels and restaurants respond to primary needs (food and accommodation) and must bear the pressure of reviews: they need ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of the ‘good, beautiful and welldone’ which is produced every day.

Where hotels and restaurants are going:

  They are in charge to improve the life quality in their area;


  they are in charge of enhancing socialization and ‘conviviality’


  they must witness and tell about good practices, disseminate them so that they can be inspirational and boost revenue.

In few words:

Economic growth is affordable with ecology and equity: the balance of three ’E’ –Ecology, Equity and Economy – happens within the business governance, which must guarantee stable interconnections within society, environment and incomes.