Xenia Method is the solution of Mediterranean Sustainability adopted by MEDITERRANEA CONSULAB.

‘Hotels play a key role in green travelling…for many, to travel sustainably means enjoying authentic local experiences: 38% of travelers buy products at 0 km, and buying local handcrafts means to support small businesses. 36% chooses an eco-friendly accommodation, as it can guarantee a ‘true’ experience to live like the locals (Adnokronos)’
Your work, as entrepreneur, does not begin and end within your business premises.
To be a hotel entrepreneur or manager, means to be liable for the environment, for the society and the development of the place: you ‘sell’ culture and art, relax and leisure…in few words, you sell hospitality.
To perform a good service supports and benefits the local economy. On the other hand, guests pay great attention to a real commitment to preserve the environment, to inclusion and equality, to tackling prejudices. The guests’ reviews can promote or destroy the entrepreneur’s work.


– Awareness of a virtuous management which, sometimes, is not reckoned;

– To give values even to the less important practices in sustainability;

– Access to Company Social Responsibility (CNR)

– Application of ‘recipes’ of Mediterranean Sustainability in compliance with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (Agenda 2030)

– Sustainable communication online and offline

– Reviews of happy customers who support your company