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Bizcheck is a new word meaning ‘Business Check’. It refers to the management advisoring of MEDITERRANEA CONSULAB



The entrepreneur has less and less time to think about innovation and business development. Nevertheless, these are major issues, in order to guarantee a long lasting entrepreneurial life.
Perhaps you need more time to take decisions about your business?
Perhaps your business can perform better than it actually does?
The work team needs a never-ending strict control on operations?
For example, if you are a small-medium business, perhaps you would need a person within the organization being in charge of keeping under control your cash flow, but you cannot afford such an expertise. In this case you can decide to hire us, in order to train someone in your staff. This way you would have more time for your main entrepreneurial goals and be informed about specific issues or risks before they come true. This means that you have a method of control.

Bizcheck consists of:

  • Identifying critical issues and defining the best sustainable solutions

  • Verifying your marketing, your sales and finance

  • Helping to become a team leader, professional, trained, collaborative, but able to delegate.

  • Verifying your staff’s productivity.



BIZCHECK works in three time slots:

1)the entrepreneur tells us about her/his work history.

2)Then we plan our assistance together.

3) At this point, the entrepreneur can decide whether to hire MEDITERRANEA CONSULAB . No economic request is forwarded, sofar.