Actions and results

Actions and Results with BIZCHECK and  XENIA METHOD

Our two solutions BIZCHECK and  XENIA METHOD act as follows:

  • Cut business costs and optimize revenue with a constant branding empowerment. A correct communication generates income, when it works on common benefits.

  • Become a model of sustaianbility, as a ‘pioneer of true Mediterranean hospitality’.

  • Express the ‘sense of place’, because the system of values of the Mediterranean Diet adheres to the place identity roots;

  • Strenghten the brand, support the market value of your services (catering/hotels),

  • Engage guests to become ambassadors of the good and welldone’

  • Became a leader in hotel training, with specific skills on CSR/CSV (Corporate Shared Responsibility; Corporate Social Values);

  • Cooperate with local activities, in order to make them aware that their business is a positive trigger of the local economy and not  a devastating actor. Share  business values,  become spokesmen….

  • Something else, which probably we do not perceive but that you can suggest…



  • A correct training to reach a sustainability goal can save staff costs  of 10% in a three-year time;

  • The choice of suppliers belonging to a virtuous chain can save 10% per year on operational costs.

  • Sharing with guests the ‘good practices’ is a great opportunity for witnessing, for communicating how the company is pursuing sustainable goals. Nothing to do with ‘greenwashing’, which would provoke concrete damages in communication. On the contrary, if the company operates with commitment, the customer fidelization can rise up to 15% in a three-year time.

  • Opening to local initiatives of applicated sustainability, can rise brand visibility of 10% in three years.


BIZCHECK and XENIA METHOD  are very flexible solutions, they support your company needs, your goals and can be enriched by consultants’ contributions, by  specialists with the right solutions to specific issues.