Italy makes the difference in New York restaurants

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New York as the Big Apple, a Melting Pot… so many interpretations for one of the biggest cities in the world. A place of strong immigration, during centuries, from all Continents. Italians played a role as immigrants early XIX century: you can reckon their huge number by the restaurants, trattorias, cafés opened at almost every corner.

Their motto is ‘never forget your roots’ even when you are a third generation and perhaps you do not even speak a word of Italian. Nevertheless, it is possible to recall tradition through the family cuisine, much more than English/Italian words.

Italian restaurants in New York share a common destiny with any restaurant away from home: traditions lose their appeal and recipes become more American. This happens for several reasons, first to match the local taste and the product availability.

Nevertheless, there is a restaurant in New York which is making the difference.

It is 10 CORSO COMO, in Fulton Street, close to the Financial District. A new opening, featuring an Italian general manager and an Anglo-Italian chef. Jordan (the chef’s name) is a true investigator: he collects old Italian recipes and make them the original way. He looks for small Italian producers and always for the best quality. His ‘sense of place’ his sense of Italy goes far beyond a natural passion for cuisine. He studies and teaches in his kitchen how to manipulate ingredients which are not so well known in USA. I was surprised to eat ‘struncatura’ her, a long-forgotten type of pasta made of whole grains.

The Italian general manager, Gianluca, feels the responsibility of leading a restaurant which conveys a true sense of Italy. ‘’We get in touch with so many different people, different cultures, different approach to food… but all are enthusiastic of this ‘educational experience’ they live here’’.

The capacity of talking sustainability at 360 degrees is their milestone: care in the supply chain and in meal manipulation, reduced waste and concrete capacity of recycle, as old recipes teach. The staff is trained how to present dishes and they really enjoy being part of a vibrating team.

Not so many restaurants are the same…..the innovation ability is so important if you are away from your home-country, but at the same time, you need concrete roots and sincere passion for your job, if you want to astonish your guests and leave them with unique experiences.

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